(Work in progress) Mostly Shining
This is not a final version. All audio is just a place-holder and there are still things to fix and scenes to add.
Mostly Shining is a comedy sketch show made with the idea of creating CG animation with a quick turnaround. It features Freddy, Fanny and Little Freddy in surreal or relatable situations that unfold in a humorous way.
Password: letmewatch
Noise is a commission for the BBC as part of New Creatives England.
Noise is a short CG animated film that aims to make the viewer aware of how much useless stuff we go through while using the internet both at work and during our free time: Gary has had too much of the internet’s endless stream of useless content. It has all blended into a noise that has driven him crazy and taken him into a strange world where he is now on a quest to liberate his brain from the abuse. Unexpectedly, you, were part of it all along.
The Evening News
The news like you've never heard them, because they never happened. An experience just as insulting to the viewer's intellgence as watching the real news on TV.
A CGI animated short film written and created by David Torre (@daybiz) during the second year of studies at UWE Bristol School Of Animation.
Voices by Paris Bannerman and David Torre.
Staniel and Spaniel
Grandpa Staniel used to have beautiful hair, but now it's all gone. One day a bird lands on his head and an idea sparks, he tries all the animals looking for the perfect haircut until he meets Spaniel.
He not only found the perfect new look but most importantly a new best friend.
Staniel And Spaniel was a finalist at EsMoa Festival 2019.